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Speech to text for AndroidAndroid speech to text



Disable ctrl+N key combination to prevent opening new window in the browser

Html page that can't be closed

Debug javasript code in the browser

Disable mouse right click

URL Decoding and encoding

Open full screen window

Counting words in text

Using web speech API

SQL Server

Copy records in the table with primary key

Pass table name as a parameter to sql server procedure

Pass table name as a parameter to sql server inline function

Visual C

Get current and Program Files directory in Visual C


Java - Javacript interface

Java midlet that stores number of its executions

Run exe file from java program


Refresh asp.net page in the browser

Forms authenticantion in IIS 7 Intergrated Pipeline Mode

Asp.net - Javascript interface

Catch asp.net button click event in javascript

Refresh or Redirect parent page in Asp.Net


Overloading function in php

Tracing php application with xdebug


Multiline comment in perl

Visual Basic, VBA

Control browser through vba

Common windows tasks

Add item to file open context menu

Add command prompt to the folder context menu in Explorer

Checking active Internet connections

SEO (search engine optimization)

Checking google indexing

Indexing popup window