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Simple php web statistic and analysis system

Screen shot of the main web statistic page:

This system collects all user logs to your site and give you all information about  pages and key words that refers to your site. There are four filters for the stored records (reference filters, user agent filter, date filter) and three record sorting (by host ip, by time and by date) with ability to distinct sorting.

To use system you can either include simple php file in all your php pages (or in the header.inc file) or simple javascript to all your page or header file.

The system is easy to use and setup, it consists: main statistic page,  simple pieces of code to implement in any pages and php pages,  code to collect hits  and write to mysql database (one for universal implementation and one for php implementation) and sql script to create table in mysql database.

New - the version 1.0 of the Php web page statistic system is available for free download:
Download Simplewebstat v1.0

Simplewebstat v1.1 (22.08.2009)
php register_global off now supported;
installation simplified, createtables.php script added;
page filter included;
Download Simplewebstat v1.1

Simplewebstat v1.2 (23.03.2010)
increasing text fields len to 255 chars
make program windows compatible
Download Simplewebstat v1.2

Simplewebstat v1.2.1 (23.05.2010)
"only show pages with IP" filter added
"distinct by ip" option corrected and work now for sorting by date
help file corrected
Download Simplewebstat v1.2.1

Simplewebstat v1.2.2 (15.06.2010)
"referer" filters corected for cyrillic text
Download Simplewebstat v1.2.2

Simplewebstat v1.2.3 (06.12.2010)
increasing database field for referer to 1000 chars
"do not show pages with host" filter added
"only show pages with host" filter added
Download Simplewebstat v1.2.3