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Checking indexing site pages by google

To check pages in google index we usually use query site:http://mysiteURL (for example, site:http://microsoft.com). In this case google gives us all the pages of that site that it has indexed. But google has two index - main and supplemental. The pages from supplemental index have a little chance to be seen in the top of google search result. The pages from main and supplemental index can migrate due the various internal and external factors. To check pages in the main google index we can use query: site:http://mysiteURL/& (for example, site://http://microsoft.com/&). If we compare list of the pages in main index and all indexed pages, that the first will be on the top of the second. To check that the page is in the main google index we can use also google toolbar - the page from main index always always have page runk (it can be 0, but 0 runk is a runk too).