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Program to send keystrokes to active window

This program send saved keystrokes to active window. It may be useful to automate some tasks when annoying keyboard input required. This program use sendkeys statement of visual basic, so, can send extended key code such 'Alt' or 'Shift' and call program menu. See the fragment of visual basic help for sendkeys statement for more information. Keystrokes are stored in access database and can be sent in batch mode. User can set the delay between keystrokes sending. To use program - choose keystrokes and press 'send keystrokes' button, then move focus to active window.

Download program
Warning: This program required some Visual Basic dlls, so, if this download will not work you can download full installation of this program (3 mb)

Version sendkeys 1.0 (2009 year). Improvement of User Interface, help included, limit of each keystroke changed (from 255 byte to 64kb).
Download program sendkeys 1.0 (without dll of visual basic)